Danish cabbies posting Uber drivers’ personal information on the net

Social media the latest battleground in ongoing driver wars

There are concerns that a Facebook page set up by disgruntled taxi drivers called ‘UBER FAKTA Danmark’, which includes information about Uber drivers operating in Denmark, could be illegal.

The page features photos of the Uber drivers’ cars, clearly showing their licence plate numbers, while the accompanying text states the driver’s name, address, phone number and often even creditor information.

Trine Wollenberg, the head of taxi support group Danish Taxaråd, said that the site is an expression of the great frustration that taxi drivers feel towards Uber drivers.

“Taxi drivers have lost up to 20-30 percent of their income, so I understand they are frustrated.”

May not be legal
Wollenberg acknowledges that exhibiting Uber drivers’ personal information may not be legal, and she encouraged the taxi drivers behind the Facebook page to contact data protection agency Datatilsynet to clarify whether the page and the sharing of the information is lawful.

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“If it is not legal, I assume the page administrators will take care of it,” she said.