Sunshine for the beginning and end of the week

Sunny and warm in most places today, ahead of a holiday weekend that could be stellar

The May weather got off to a good start yesterday, and the pleasant weather looks set to continue at least for today, where most places, especially in the eastern part of the country, will see sunshine and temperatures as high as 16 degrees C.

A cloudy and rainy front is approaching from the west, so the weather in Jutland will start clouding over during the day, but southerly winds will keep things warm and sunny in Zealand until the late afternoon.

After some rain in the middle of the week, the weather will quickly stabilise, and temperatures for the upcoming Ascension Day weekend could reach 20 C.

However, it’s not good news for birch pollen allergy sufferers. The pollen count soared to 552 in the Copenhagen area yesterday, and it looks to remain high for the rest of the week.