Post Danmark to stop delivering express letters

New, standard deliveries will take up to five days

A broad majority in the Danish Parliament – not including Enhedslisten and Alternativet – has agreed that Post Danmark will stop delivering express letters and no longer deliver mail on Saturdays.

The so-called A-letters (priority mail) and B-letters (standard mail) will be abolished and replaced by new, standard deliveries that will take up to five days.

Additionally, customers will have to pay a fee if they want to have their mail deliveries redirected to another address.

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Financial struggles
Politicians have decided to support Post Danmark, which has been struggling financially as more and more correspondence is sent electronically.

Since 2000, the volume of letters sent in Denmark has fallen by 68 percent, while the number of A-letters has dropped by a staggering 82 percent.

Post Danmark is a subsidiary of postal and logistics group PostNord, which is owned by the Swedish and Danish governments.