Danes charged double for debit card purchases

May 4th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Thousands were charged twice and have yet to be repaid

Double the pleasure? (photo: Dankort)

An error at Nets, the company that administers the Dankort, has caused thousands of customers to be charged twice for the same purchases. The glitch started yesterday afternoon and continued into this morning. Although Nets is now aware of the error and has fixed the problem, many customers are still waiting to get their money back.

“They have worked on it all night, but  everything is still not sorted,” Nets spokesperson Søren Winge told DR Nyheder.

“Something like this hardly ever happens and it is obviously very regrettable,” said Winge.

Where’s my money?
Winge declined to say exactly how many customers were double-billed, but did say that “thousands of transactions” were affected.

Administrators are working to get refunds back into customers’ bank accounts, but declined to say when everyone might finally be repaid.


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