Danish swingers club fined for discriminating against 18-year-old

The club’s manager maintaines she made the morally correct decision

In a decision the management is calling utter nonsense, a Danish sex club in Copenhagen has been fined 5,000 kroner by the Danish Board of Equal Treatment for refusing to hire an 18-year-old man as a receptionist.

Metroxpress reports that the club, Adam og Ava, regularly hosts swingers’ events at its location on Skjulhøj Alle in Copenhagen. However, there’s one catch – only those 21 and older can take part in the activities.

Not adult enough 
The club’s manager, Trine Bennedsen, explains that she was only trying to protect the young man due to his young age.

“I think we had a plausible reason not to choose this person as an employee of our club. He was an 18-year-old and we thought he was too young,” she told Metroxpress.

The moral choice
Bennedsen also firmly believes her decision was the right thing to do.

“I think we have acted morally. As an employee with us, you stand to see everything that people do here – when changing the sheets, for example.”

Bennedsen has not changed her view on the subject – but from now on, she will no longer explicitly specify age as the reason why someone didn’t make the cut, because she’ll want to avoid more fines in the future.

“There are more and more swingers clubs, and there is a need for more employees. We can’t decide who comes in the door, but we should at least be able to decide who we want to hire.”