Denmark aiming for more parallel EU agreements

Christian Wenande
May 4th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Negotiations regarding Europol, Eurojust and PNR on the horizon

The government today agreed to aim for additional parallel agreements with the EU, according to a number of ministers.

Denmark will be looking to negotiate three parallel agreements with the EU regarding EU’s law enforcement agency Europol, the European judicial co-operative Eurojust, and the registration of airplane passengers via the EU Passenger Name Record (PNR).

“Broad political support to seek parallel agreements on Europol, Eurojust, PNR,” Kristian Jensen wrote on Twitter.

“We will go to Denmark’s Parliament later in May and then proceed with EU partners.”

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Opt-out consequences
The parallel agreements have become a possibility following the Danish voters saying ‘no’ to ending the country’s EU justice opt-out and being part of the European cross-border police collaboration on December 3 last year.

The Eurojust co-operation involves the collaboration between national prosecution authorities in cases regarding cross-border crime.

A PNR agreement would lead to a more systematic collection, utilisation and retention of passenger data regarding passengers travelling by aeroplane in and out of the EU.


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