Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen stepping down as Enhedslisten figurehead

Pernille Skipper will take over the ‘leadership’ of the left-wing party

Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen is stepping down as the political spokesperson for Enhedslisten – the top job at the left-wing party. The charismatic leader, 32, will continue as the party’s immigration and integration spokesman.

Pernille Skipper has been pegged as Schmidt-Nielsen’s replacement.

Enhedslisten’s political spokesperson is effectively the party leader, who is also responsible for commenting on foreign policy matters. Enhedslisten, however, makes a point of not having a designated party leader or president.

Enhedslisten is scheduled to hold a news conference later today.

Can’t run again
Schmidt-Nielsen’s retirement has been long expected. Due to Enhedslisten’s party rules, she cannot represent the party in the next general election.

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Schmidt-Nielsen was first elected to Parliament in 2007 and has been Enhedslisten’s most popular figure since that time, winning over 40,000 votes in the last general election, down from the nearly 50,000 votes she received in the 2011 election.