School in Lyngby refuses admission to six Muslim women in niqabs

Decision causes quite a stir on school’s Facebook page

VUC Lyngby has refused admission to six Muslim girls in niqabs due to concerns that “free and unhindered communication” would be compromised by the clothing, reports Metroxpress.

A debate has since raged on the school’s Facebook page questioning the validity of the school’s decision.

Show yourself
In Autumn, VUC Lyngby made changes to its school policy and no longer allows any of its students to cover their eyes, nose or mouth during class hours.

“Teaching takes place by means of communication, and as a teacher you can better understand your impact if you can see that what you’re saying is being received by the student.
And this cannot be done if they’re wearing a niqab,”  deputy headteacher Inge Voller explained to Metroxpress.

The decision, however, has proved controversial and caused a number of reactions on the school’s Facebook page.

“Can women no longer decide what clothes we want to wear? So much for religious freedom and a democratic right to wear the clothes we want. [The decision] must be rethought,” wrote Anne Kirstine Gram Hovmann.

But according to Voller, the issue has never been about religion or ethnicity.

“For me, it is not a question of religion or ethnicity, but of learning. It is about how we can create the best learning environment, and we believe the best way is if you can communicate freely with each other,” she said, adding that the girls in question are happy to continue their educations over the school’s e-learning platform.