Ask Shariananda: Seek and ye shall find

Do you ever wonder: ‘Who am I?’ or ‘What is my purpose in life?’ – I know I do. However, increasingly I am finding clarity through my work as a spiritual educator and healer that my purpose is to use my gifts for the glory of God and the uplifting of humanity.
I will begin, in part, by sharing my belief in reincarnation and the ascension of mankind. As I muse over the question ‘How do I fit into the times we are living through?’, perhaps it will aid you to do much the same.

The path most travelled
Unlike Robert Frost, I have travelled a familiar path through life. The school years were followed quickly by a nerve-wracking first job and sweetened with the first fruits of love. Later came the career, the establishment of true love, a marriage and children – all the while in the knowledge that we are on this planet for an unspecified time. Life is short.

When it’s my time to leave this place, I want to feel that I’ve fulfilled the spiritual plan allotted to me. Yes, my black life matters, but in this case all lives matter. This soul or life plan is not written in my DNA, it’s written in my aura – an invisible sphere-like protection that surrounds my physical body.

When we die, the body falls away from that protective field and our true energy, the soul, is released. We then set out on a new journey of wonder and discovery to reunite with God, the Eternal I AM.

Eternal return
God, known by many names – Allah, Great Spirit, Jehovah, The Creator, Krishna, Yemaya, Love – is the substance of everything that exists and underlies the entire journey between birth and death.

Just as I AM is eternal, so are we. We never die, we simply shift from one form of energy to another. When a child is born, in every passing age of humankind, we are regenerated anew. This rebirth may even take place within a different culture, race or gender.

We can relearn many things in our new lives, but our deeper interests, our talents and our preferences spring from memories from a previous life. These are so subtle that we might even be unaware of their presence. The quality and purpose of our lives depend upon what we did in the previous one. We may wish to right past wrongs or indeed experience a disability in order to test the limits of our compassion. In this way we build a better understanding of ourselves. We chose our birthday, family, siblings, and purpose, but there is a limit to how much you can achieve in a single lifetime.

Shariananda Oracle is a certified spiritual healer with more than 25 years experience. Since moving to Copenhagen in 2013, she has served the international community, providing them with personal advice, a healing touch and consultation. Find out more at or contact her at