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Vanessa Carlton
Tue May 10, 21:00; Vega, Enghavevej 40, Cph V; 180kr

It has been 14 years since Vanessa Carlton’s biggest hit ‘A Thousand Miles’ first hit our airwaves. Her debut led to overnight popularity and critical acclaim – including three Grammy award nominations.

Carlton has released a lot of music since then and as a result has matured as a songwriter. 2016 has seen the release of her latest offering, Liberman, which has received positive reviews from critics.

Fans of her early work will be surprised by the maturity of Carlton’s voice and songs. And this is surely a chance to embrace her wider body of work – in all its quirky glory. (AJ)

(photo: artist's Facebook page)
(photo: artist’s Facebook page)


Tue May 10, 20:00; Vega, Enghavevej 40, Cph V; 330kr

Lumineers’ combination of folk and rock music first shot the group to fame in 2012. Influenced by Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and the death of a member’s sibling, the Denver band’s soulful records continue to impress. (AJ)