Danish researchers looking to crowdfund ‘Theory of Everything’

Stump up for science

Danish theoretical physicist Jesper Møller Grimstrup and mathematician Johannes Aastrup are confident they are on the cusp of discovering how everything in the universe works – and they’re now offering mere mortals a chance to get in on the action, reports Vindenskab.

Theory of Everything
The elusive Theory of Everything, which has been sought after by physicists for decades, would finally reconcile Einsteinian relativity with quantum mechanics.

And these two Danes may have finally cracked the code: they claim they have discovered a mathematical principle that they believe explains quantum gravity. They call their theory quantum holonomy and are now looking for the funds to continue working on it and to be able to support themselves with a modest salary.

Unusually, they have chosen to crowdfund the operation and have set up a page on Indiegogo. Anyone is welcome to contribute.

Loops or strings?
Their theory is based on loop quantum gravity, which is string theory’s lesser known but main rival.

Unlike string theory, which is more concerned with the matter that inhabits space-time and conceptualises everything as being composed of tiny ‘strings’, loop quantum gravity focuses on the quantum properties of space-time itself, studying it as made up of tiny, indivisible chunks.