Copenhagen Post launches new free app

Get all your news and information straight onto your smart phone

In a bid to better provide its customers and clients with up-to-date news and information in Denmark, the Copenhagen Post has unveiled its new free mobile app for iOS and Android users.

The app will function as a natural extension to their traditional print media for expats, the CphPost Weekly, and its web site The clear goal is to help expats plan their everyday life a little bit easier, and its simple design and user-friendly interface fits seamlessly with all CphPost products.

“CphPost has been helping expats acclimatise to life in Denmark since 1998, and now we can proudly say they can also find us in their pockets to assist them in locating the news that really matters to them,” said Marin Milosavljevic, the digital marketing manager at CphPost.

“This app is really useful, not just for everyday situations in expat life, but also on a more professional level. It’s also important to mention that the CphPost Mobile App respects your privacy because it doesn’t collect or share your personal data.”

24/7, no registration required
Without using the hassle of registration, CphPost Mobile App is designed to deliver information the moment users download it to their gadgets.

It offers the best news reading experience on any mobile device. News and service-information are available 24/7 on the app.

This useful mobile app works smoothly on Android smartphones and tablets, as well as on Apple and iPad.