Denmark sending more soldiers to Afghanistan

Foreign Policy Committee convening this afternoon

According to several media  sources, Denmark is set to expand its military contribution to Resolute Support Mission, the NATO-led forces in Afghanistan.

As the Foreign Policy Committee will not meet to discuss the terms until this afternoon, it is not yet known exactly how the expansion will progress. But according to Metroxpress newspaper, the expansion will encompass manpower, not equipment.

The foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, and the defence minister, Peter Christiansen, are both taking part in the meeting, which is due to begin at 1 pm.

Christensen visited the Danish soldiers in Afghanistan as recently as March,  stressing back then that “although the security situation in parts of Afghanistan remains fragile and the fight against the Taliban is for the long haul, it’s been uplifting for me to see the difference we at NATO have made and are still making.”

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Training Afghans
Currently, there are about 80 Danish military personnel operating in Afghanistan, mostly in advisory roles to help and support the training of Afghan security forces.

Denmark has had a military presence in Afghanistan since 2002.