Lego most valuable brand in Denmark

Maersk, Arla, Danske Bank and Pandora complete the top five

Lego is the most valuable brand in Denmark, according to the assessment of the leading brand valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance.

However, the Danish toy company is only eighth on the list of the most valuable brands in the Nordic region.

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High brand value
“For the first time, Lego is Denmark’s most valuable brand,” said Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, the executive director of Lego.

“Our brand value has grown by 16 percent to 31 billion kroner this year.”

Lego’s overall value is estimated to be in the region of 200 billion kroner.

Series of controversies
Although Lego remains a very powerful brand, the company has been negatively affected by a series of controversies, writes Brand Finance.

“It [Lego] has been fined by German regulators for attempting to prevent retailers from discounting its products,” it noted.

“It was also accused of colluding in censorship for trying to prevent dissident Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei from using Lego in his work.”

Brand Finance assesses companies’ brand strengths based on factors such familiarity, loyalty, promotion, marketing investment, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation.

The list of the most valuable brands in the Nordics is topped by Swedish companies IKEA, H&M and Ericsson.