Let the Pentecostal festivities begin!

Copenhagen Medieval Market
May 13-16; Valbyparken; 100kr, under-11s: 70kr; kmm.dk

Valbyparken takes a trip back in time to the days when chivalrous knights in shining armour mounted their trusty steeds to do daring battle with the fiendish enemy and defend their battlements with honour.

The four-day market takes you back to the Middle Ages to witness the steely swishing of swords, the joy of jousting and the launching of lances in spectacular re-enactments of past battles.

While in between the bouts of mortal combat, you can saunter among the stalls that show off traditional Viking arts and crafts. (PS)

Children’s Carnival

May 14, 10:00; Fælledparken, Edel Sauntes Allé, Cph Ø; free adm; karneval.dk

Copenhagen Carnival brings a splash of Rio de Janeiro to the urban landscape as its pulsating samba rhythms and colourful costumes are paraded through the city streets.

The Danes are always a bit late with their carnival celebrations compared to the original (Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday) in late winter (our hemispherical end), but given their weather, it’s probably the right choice!

Now Pentecost is finally here (always seven days after Easter), the carnival celebrations can begin around the country, and of course, Copenhagen is no exception.

Carnival is a whole day of celebration – for adults as well as children – and even if it’s chilly, the carnival girls and other dancers lend it a summery, exotic feel.

Fælledparken will be packed with people, stands and activities of all types, and until noon, everything is specially aimed at children.

Activities tend to include a children’s song contest, a carnival parade, various concerts, face paint stands and playgrounds with countless obstacles and fun things to try out, and this year is expected to be jam-packed as well.

Since the original carnival in Brasil is based around the yearly samba drum parade, there will be different children’s teams from local samba schools showing their talents off in music and dance.

A professional children’s samba teacher, Michael Åbye, will be there with his team of happy talented samba students and you will have a chance to talk to him or the students and hear much more about the school. (NØ/PS)

Train travel to the 1800s

May 14-16; Holtvej, Græsted (local train from Hillerød Station); 20-100kr; veterantræf.dk

Take the train to Helsingør and go back to the 1800s. The finely-preserved house in Strandgade comes alive alive oh with the vegetable lady selling her wares and the ancient mariner telling tall tales of the seven seas. (PS)

Nørrebro Run

May 16, 09:00-12:30; Blågardsplads, Cph N; 150kr, norrebrolobet.dk

A 5 km fun-run around Nørrebro from Blågardplads to the lakes and back. The run supports the ‘Mind your own Business’ initiative to help young people start their own business, as well as showing love and solidarity for the old working class district. (PS)