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Escaping the city in a car: let’s go on an adventure!

Sponsored content: Bicycling is bliss in Copenhagen, but sometimes only four wheels will do

There are some occasions when only a car will do.

Like transporting your teenage children to their confirmation – take them in a cargo bike and they’ll never speak to you again.

Or impressing uppity family members when they deign to visit you in “Viking-land” and expect five-star service.

And, most importantly of all, disposing of your neighbour’s dead cat after accidentally electrocuting it in the garden.

All these, and more practical examples, demand a car, and LetsGo has all the answers.

What’s keeping you? LetsGo!
Now, Copenhagen is great, especially in the spring and summer, but nothing beats the feeling of escaping the city in a car once in a while.

If you don’t have your own car (let’s face it: the bicycle is bigger than life in Copenhagen), and you are in need of one from time to time (a nice day trip is just one of many possible scenarios), then LetsGo carsharing could be for you: until 31 May it is possible to register and test LetsGo memberships for free.

LetsGo have 180 new cars in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus. LetsGo is a flexible way to have access to a car when you live in the city, and much cheaper than having your own car in Denmark. Their low rates cover petrol, insurance, tax, parking, maintenance and a 24/7 service hotline.

Try LetsGo for free HERE.

Find the cars at signed parking spaces all over the city, and experience the freedom to go where you want, in Denmark and the rest of Europe, when you want. They have five different types of cars to meet your demands, from micros and sedans, to vans and EVs. The cars can be reserved in advance or at the last minute for both private or business use.

Check out if there is a car close to your Danish neighbourhood and register for free.

So, where to go?
Okay, you have just one day and you want to remember it well next week while you’re daydreaming in your office. No problem: take your friends or family and just pick one of these great day trips, which are all located close to Copenhagen!

1. North Zealand Day Trip; Frederiksborg Castle

WHAT TO EXPECT: Royal-themed day trip to north Zealand including a tour of Frederiksborg Castle. The princess in you will be delighted!

HOW FAR: About 38 km, 40 minutes by car

2. The Hamlet Castle

WHAT TO EXPECT: Spend a day immersed in the history of the Copenhagen region, listen to old tales of Shakespeare, see Queen Margrethe's summer residence at her castle, and enjoy the beautiful nature!

HOW FAR: About 51 km, 47 minutes by car

3. Knuthenborg Manor with Safari Park

WHAT TO EXPECT: Adventure! Nice architecture, a great place for picnics under the open sky and close encounter with tigers, rhinos and other exotic animals!

HOW FAR: About 148 km, 100 mins by car


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