Mid-May Art: Portraits, graves and beetles

Margaret Bowland – Power
May 13- June 11; Gallery Poulsen, Flæsketorvet 24, Cph V; gallerypoulsen.com

Margaret Bowland brings a glimpse of New York in her six oil paintings on canvas and linen at her first solo show exhibition at Gallery Poulsen. Her canvases tell human stories while underlining social inequalities, power structures and oppression with dramatic baroque expression and political symbolism.

An Age of Our Own Making
May 14- Aug 15; City of Holbæk; images.holbaek.dk

This contemporary art project involves 28 artists from Africa, Asia and the Middle East and is aimed at investigating the consequences of human actions, particularly colonialism. The exhibition is split into three parts in different Danish cities: the first will present public sculptures and installations in the city of Holbæk.

Crustumerium. Death and afterlife at the gates of Rome
May 19- Oct 23; Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Dantes Plads 7, Cph V; 110kr; glyptoteket.com

This exhibition is focused on death and afterlife in antiquity – in Crustumerium at the gates of Rome. Ten recently excavated tombs, an archaeological laboratory and spectacular treasures will be shown, revealing the customs of an ancient society that still affects our present perspectives.

Damián Ortega – Casino
May 20- Sep 25; Malmö Konsthall, St Johannesgatan 7, Malmö; konsthall.malmo.se

Mexican artist Damián Ortega presents ‘Casino’, his first solo exhibition in Sweden. With the use of common or recycled materials, he makes interactive sculptures, installations, performances and films within the space of Malmö Konsthall. Amongst them is ‘The Beetle Trilogy’, a work that focuses on a Volkswagen Beetle.