Co- Create Malmo

The world is changing and so is Malmö. But there is no blanket solution for the malmo-ites.

‘The world is changing and so is Malmö. But there is no blanket solution for the malmo-ites. So an open call to co-create malmo brings together a group of idealists, strategists and developers to collaboratively create a more sustainable Malmö city in the future.

Everybody co-creates

Changemakers from all sectors are welcome to experience and learn more how to design participatory processes – involving many people in making sense, acting and learning together.

The hosting team; Sophia Horwitz (Ca), Rachel Derrah (Ca), Bronagh Gallagher (Scot), Stephen Diwauripo (Zim) David Ershammar and Elin Turesson are part of the international movement of Art of Hosting/Participatory leadership.


The initiative is mostly a self organized basis among the like minded people who are prototyping new form of governance model that meets future challenges of the society. The challenges are being met through developing a sharing platform to collect resources and learn to create together: this includes, the public sector, the NGOs, the grassroots, the informal groups and the corporate sector.

Many of the contributors use English as their first language so the meetings and discussions are chosen in English.

Contributors of the initiative are, The Connectors Society, MEDEA Malmö University, Social Innovation Skåne, Magdalena Musiala David Ershammar/Omtänk and more from the Art of hosting network in Skåne. Many more are involved in hosting the workshops.  We are glad to have guests from Canada, Scotland, USA and Zimbabwe.

Local development for inclusion

Social Innovation Skåne invites to a session that looks into practical ways for inclusion, inspired by Minnesota and Minneapolis (with Mihalio Temali, founder of Neighbourhood Development Center and author of “The Community Economic Development Handbook: Strategies and tools to Revitalize your Neighbourhood” and Abdirashid Ahmed from the City of Minneapolis).