Police find 211,000 kroner buried in couple’s backyard

Not bad for a day’s work

In a surprising turn of events, police in the region of Thy in Jutland arrived at the scene of a domestic dispute and ended up unearthing a stash of over 200,000 kroner.

A sniffer dog, who was brought in to search for drugs, discovered the hidden treasure instead, reports TV2 Nord.

Big money 
On Sunday, Central and West Jutland Police responded to a call in Hurup.

During their visit, it emerged the couple who owned the property were suspected drug dealers. Police brought in a sniffer dog to search the place – but instead of sniffing out drugs, he sniffed out a pretty big chunk of change in the couple’s backyard.

The couple claimed the money was earned trading cars. However, it was taken away after it was discovered they owed huge public debts.

Police, who left the couple a measly 2,500 kroner, are still investigating them on suspicion of dealing drugs.