Green card holders demonstrating in Copenhagen

New law proposal fails to consider those already in Denmark via the scheme

Following the news last month that a majority of Parliament were in favour of scrapping the Green Card Scheme, the Danish Green Card Association (DGCA) has organised a demonstration in Copenhagen tomorrow at 18:00 at Town Hall Square to peacefully voice their concerns.

The demonstration, titled ‘Keep your promise Denmark’, was organised to amplify DGCA’s contention that Parliament’s proposal does not take the situation of current green card holders into consideration. In a letter to the politicians, DGCA wrote:

“The organisation finds it completely unacceptable that the law proposal and subsequent debate do not consider the humanitarian consequences of the proposal for current green hard holders.”

“The organisation strongly urge that the decision regarding the extension of the law §9a part 12 is maintained so that current green card holders can still extend their residence permits on the basis of the already toughened legislation from January 1, 2015.”

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Cost of broken dreams
DGCA went on to write that most green card holders, should they be forced to leave, expect to be at least compensated for their tax payments to the Danish state so they have the funds to establish their families in another nation or in their home nations.

So far about 500 people have signed up to attend the demonstration via Facebook, and a further 340 have expressed an interest in attending.

The scheme, which aims to attract highly-skilled and specialised foreign workers to Denmark, is on the chopping block because many often end up working unskilled jobs outside their professions.