More commuters forced to use cars due to delayed track repairs on Fyn

Authorities expect trains to be up and running again on Thursday

The delayed track repairs between Nyborg and Odense on Fyn have led to many commuters abandoning public transport to take their cars instead.

Unforeseen delays and uncertainties in regard to shuttle bus schedules have proved to highly inconvenient, reports Metroxpress.

DSB expects trains to be up and running again on Thursday.

No easy ride
East Fyn Commuters’ Club has noted with concern that some people forced into taking their cars might never again take the train – a consequence that would hurt both the environment and DSB.

“Maybe it’s fine [that they’re taking their cars] now but it’s also a shame – if people begin to take the car, there’s no guarantee they’ll go back to using the train,” said spokesperson Anne Fiber.

“People are really tired of it. Most were prepared for the annoyance of track work, but when you’re up at five in the morning and are constantly unable to make it to your place of work, it definitely starts to wear you down.”