Success of TV programs based on Vikings sending thousands to Danish museums

Turnstiles clicking at Danish museums with tourists looking for Ragnar

Danish Viking museums are experiencing significant increases in visitor numbers, thanks to the popularity and influence of hit TV series like ‘Vikings’ and ‘The Last Kingdom’.

The Viking ship museum in Roskilde has had 12,000 more visitors than last year. Curator Louise Kæmpe Henriksen has no doubt that the TV programmes have had much to do with the success.

“We find that many of our visitors ask questions that relate directly to the TV series,” Henriksen told DR Nyheder. “They want to find out if the history told on ‘Vikings’ is genuine or not.”

Testy tourists
The Viking Centre Fyrkat in Hobro has also experienced a significant jump in attendance, and guides often field questions about the series.  Tourists ask questions about Ragnar Lothbrok, the lead character in ’Vikings’.

“When we tell them that he is a mythical figure, and that many of the places named in the series never existed, they almost become almost little petulant,” said curator Anne Mette Gielsager Pedersen.

The Moesgaard Museum and Ribe Viking Centre have also reported increased visitor numbers.