‘Nørrebro on the ground’ shows visitors where to find quirky stores and trendy bars

A new handy map helps people discover hidden treasures of Copenhagen’s ever-evolving district

A wine producer and retailer, Iakob Schjerbeck, has decided to put Copenhagen’s most multicultural district, Nørrebro, on a map in a bid to help both locals and tourists discover trendy cafes, eateries, design shops and nightlife hotspots.

Inspired by S-train network
The design of the ‘Nørrebro on the ground’ map was inspired by the metropolitan S-train network, but instead of train stops it shows the approximate location of various restaurants, bars and stores in the popular district.

“With the map people can get lost and find their way home,” Schjerbeck told Metroxpress.

Initially, 25,000 copies of the maps will be printed on durable and waterproof A3 paper and be available for free from June at many places around the neighbourhood.

Strong community
“Many have come with feedback and wanted to help,” Schjerbeck noted.

“There is a strong sense of community, which I think is characteristic of Nørrebro.”

To fit in with the design, some names had to be abbreviated and some of the marked locations do not reflect their exact address.

Schjerbeck runs the wine-tasting shop Vintro in Nørrebro and produces his own wine in Bordeaux, France.