Simon Spies’ legendary Mercedes going to auction

Christian Wenande
May 23rd, 2016

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‘Little Freddy’ is evaluated to upwards of one million kroner

‘Lille Frede’ in all its glory (photo: Silverstone Auctions)

You know if a car has its own nickname, then it must have a special background. And ‘Lille Frede’ (‘Little Freddy’), which will be auctioned off in Aarhus this weekend, certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The Mercedes 600 was manufactured in 1964, which is unique in itself, but more importantly its list of previous owners includes Denmark notorious entrepreneurial enfant terrible, Simon Spies – best known for his rags-to riches rise, colourful personality, penchant for young women and for starting the Spies Rejser charter airline.

‘A little dictation’
But he was also a lover of cars and the tycoon, who died in 1984, had two Mercedes cars, ‘Lille Frede’ and ‘Store Frede’ (‘Big Freddy’), which is the longer version of the car.

“He originally wanted the long wheelbase version but as that was not readily available he bought the normal version while he waited,” Silverstone Auctions wrote.

“They were widely known by the nicknames he gave them: ‘Lille Frede’ was the short and ‘Lange Frede’ the Pullman, which he normally travelled in with the 600 following behind – in order to be able to change cars should the Pullman have a puncture, the story went. More likely it was in order to keep his many ‘secretaries’ close by in case he felt the need for a little ‘dictation’.”

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Classic collection
‘Lille Frede’ will be auctioned off at the Classic Race Aarhus Auction in Aarhus on May 28-29 along with a host of other vintage cars and motorcycles. The car is estimated at upwards of one million kroner.

Have a peak at ‘Lille Frede’ here (in English) and the entire collection at Silverstone Auctions’ website.

Simon Spies

Simon Spies


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