Aarhus among Lonely Planet’s top European destinations

‘City of Smiles’ was second on the ‘Best in Europe’ ranking for 2016

‘The ‘City of Smiles’ has a lot to grin about these days. In January, TripAdvisor voted Villa Provence the best new hotel in Denmark and a month later the Danish men agreed that the ladies in the city were the fairest in all the land.

Now there’s even more for Aarhus residents to get excited about. The city has just been named as one of the top 10 hottest travel destinations in Europe by the noted travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.

“Step aside, Copenhagen. You’re not the only Danish city boasting cool-cat neighbourhoods, head-turning architecture and culinary wizardry,” Lonely Planet wrote.

“Aarhus is fast gaining fans – and accolades, too. In 2017 its titles include European Capital of Culture and European Region of Gastronomy – visit now to stay ahead of the curve.”

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I’m Lviv’in it
Aarhus was ranked second in Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Europe’ ranking for 2016, behind the Peloponnese in Greece and ahead of Venice (Italy), the Dordogne (France) and Lviv (Ukraine).

Warwickshire (UK), Extremadura (Spain), east coast Tenerife (Spain) Texel (the Netherlands) and northern Dalmatia (Croatia) rounded out the top 10 list.

Lonely Planet hailed Denmark’s second-largest city for its waterfront area, museums, design, music festivals and its newly-awarded Michelin-star restaurants.