New digital tool to speed up application process to build house garages and extensions

Danish municipalities can review an area without physical inspection

A new digital tool will help Danish municipalities to issue building permits for house garages, terraces and house extensions more quickly, reports Berlingske.

The digital maps save municipal resources and allow employees to immediately inspect an area without having to go there personally.

The tool has already been tested by Silkeborg Municipality and Middelfart Municipality and will now be gradually introduced at 14 more.

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Better than Google Street View
The tool has been designed by the Danish engineering company COWI, which claims it offers better quality photos than Google Street View.

“The overriding difference is that we cover 100 percent [of the Danish territory] and we photograph every street in the same year,” Lars Flemming, the marketing manager at COWI, told Berlingske.

“We take photos of all the state roads, municipal roads and private roads, and we cover all the areas with summer-houses.”

Moreover, COWI takes new photos every second year, so there are more current ones than those provided by Google, and each of them shows the date it was taken, which can be used as evidence.