One in four Danish women harassed at work

Victims are often shy to report such incidents

A new study by Arbejderbevægelsens Erhvervsråd (the Economic Council of the Labour Movement) has revealed that every fourth woman in Denmark has experienced sexual harassment, threats of violence or bullying at work over the past year.

Some 16 percent of men have experienced similar incidents, according to the survey.

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“We consider ourselves very sexually liberated, but when I reviewed the sexual harassment cases there was often an argument that this ‘is the tone at this workplace’,” Anette Borchorst, a professor and labour market researcher at Aalborg University, told Berlingske.

In some instances, this was given as the reason why the victim’s complaints were dismissed.

In spite of increased awareness-raising, sexual harassment is still considered taboo and many find it difficult to report it, Borchorst believes.

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