Early-June Music: The streets are alive with the sound of Skinner

Mike Skinner

Fri 3 June, 23:00; Babel, Malmö; 120kr

The former Streets frontman, now 37, is described by the website of the Malmö venue Babel as “the man who paved the way like no other for British music exports”.

So it is safe to say they either hold him in high regard or sell very, very, strong drinks.

Skinner – a Brummie who recalls an upbringing of “suburban estates, not poor but not much money about, really boring” – will be delivering a carbon-neutral DJ set powered entirely by electricity generated from the spinning corpses of John Lennon, David Bowie and, if 2016 keeps checking names off its hit list, probably Tom Jones as well.

King Dude

Wed 1 June, 21:00; BETA; 145kr 

This gentleman (his real name, TJ Cowgill, isn’t quite as cool) used to play metal, but now he plays folk. Folk music is in his blood apparently, so it’s not as heavy a switch as it sounds, although it has been described as Luciferian.


Fri 3 June, 22:00; Tivoli entry

Dutch DJ Tiësto’s stage and light show will be pulling them in at Tivoli on the same night that Distortion Ø gets going, posing a real dilemma for the capital’s electronic music fans. It’s an agonising choice as Tiësto is one of the biggest DJs of all time.


Sat 4 June, 19:00; BETA; 150kr

Death metal band IllDisposed, who have been plying their trade since 1991, are travelling all the way from Aarhus to shake Copenhagen to its very foundations. They may just be playing a gig in an IllMaintained basement. A glance at their discography reveals they love their cliches.