At Cinemas: The beginning, or already the end?

Online gaming has never really appealed to me. The idea of getting my arse kicked periodically by some anonymous adolescent, while I pay for the pleasure, keeps my gaming firmly offline.

Apparently though, at least 12 million gamers disagree – that’s how many people were subscribed to World of Warcraft, the world’s most popular MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) at the peak of its appeal.

This week, Danes will be among the first to see Warcraft: The Beginning, the much anticipated motion picture adaptation. No screenings were available at the time of writing, but despite a dodgy trailer, the film is directed by Duncan Jones, the son of David Bowie and director of the beloved sci-fi flick Moon, so the hopes are certainly high.

This week’s other release is Alice Through the Looking Glass, a follow-up to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland from 2010, a box-office hit that attracted lukewarm reviews. Find out if the sequel is likely to buck the trend in this week’s review.

Cinemateket continues its celebration of Lars von Trier’s 60th birthday with his sci-fi analogy for chronic depression: the brilliant Melancholia on Sunday at 19:00, and on Tuesday at 21:15, another of his best, Dancer in the Dark. Singer Bjørk stars in this a damning indictment of human cruelty and capital punishment.

If we take a peek at the following Thursday, it seems Cinemateket ( are continuing the theme with Polish master Krzysztof Kieslowski’s breakthrough film, A Short Film About Killing, at 21.45. It concerns a young man on death row for murdering a taxi driver, and it’s one of the strongest dramas committed to celluloid. The opportunity to see it on the big screen shouldn’t be missed.

Over at Huset ( on Friday, there’s a chance to see Pink Floyd’s The Wall, a haunting mix of animation and live action directed by Alan Parker. The film starts at 19:30. Things get even stranger on Tuesday at 19:00 with more musical cinema in Czech comedy A Night at Karlstein. Tickets are 50kr at the door.