Out and about: Putting their best foot forward at Carnival

Carnival was in town last weekend as a huge variety of nationalities delighted onlookers with their amazing dance moves and costumes.


The festivities are held every year to celebrate the seventh weekend after Easter, the Christian festival of Pentecost (Whitsun in the UK and Ireland), and this year the city centre was swamped!

And no wonder given the number of beautiful women with barely anything on braving the cold (how could they!).

The crowds soon made their way to Christianborgs Slotsplads where food stands, kids activities and endless dancing and drumming continued.


While Brazil is the first country you would associate with Carnival, they were not the only ones shaking their bodies.

Bolivia was present with some traditional ‘Caporales’ dance, Colombia was shouting out to the crowd that they are “Latinos hasta la muerte”, New Orleans Mardi Gras was there representing the States, kids parades went past with the cutest costumes and choreographies, and who can forget the Bahia Style dancing, hanging off the floats, never letting go of the rhythm for an instance.