Danish summer off to a brilliant start

Warm and sunny the watchwords this week

When summer officially starts on Wednesday, it will actually look and feel, well, summery.

According to the official weather watchdogs at DMI, temperatures this week will reach as high as 26 degrees C. In Copenhagen, temperatures will waver between 24 and 26 all week.

“The week ahead looks fine, with temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees,” Anja Bodholdt, the duty meteorologist at DMI, told Metroxpress. “The stage is set for beautiful, summer weather.”

Temperatures along the coasts will, as usual, be cooler.

“But you do not move very far inland before it rapidly becomes warmer,” said Bodholdt.

Chilly waters
The median temperature for the week will be a bit higher than usual, because the evenings and nights will be warmer as well at between 15 and 17 degrees.

The warm weather could generate rain showers or thunderstorms on some afternoons. In Copenhagen, rain is predicted on every day this week.

For those thinking about hitting the waves to cool off, water temperatures in the Baltic and the North Sea are only about 9 degrees. Inland waters are a bit warmer.