Denmark to push the green envelope as 3GF hosts

Summit aims to follow up on climate targets from Paris and New York

During the first week of June, hundreds of leaders and delegates from across the world will descend on Copenhagen to take part in the 2016 Global Green Growth Forum (3GF).

The summit aims to generate innovative co-operations and come up with green solutions focusing on energy, food waste, climate change and sustainable cities.

“In 2015, the global community agreed to a number of ambitious targets for climate and sustainable development in Paris and New York,” said the foreign minister, Kristian Jensen.

“The government will now use the 3GF summit to translate those ambitions into specific agreements. We must create new innovative co-operations in order to promote green growth on a local and global scale.”

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Gathering momentum
This year marks the fifth edition of 3GF, and delegates from private sectors, governments and civil societies in 35 nations will attend. More than 30 public-private partnerships are expected to be reached regarding green growth across the planet.

The three areas that this year’s summit (June 6-7) will focus on: the green transition of energy systems, cities being the driving force for the green transition, and the optimal utilisation of natural resources.

3GF was established by the Danish government in 2011 in co-operation with South Korea and Mexico. Since then, China, Kenya, Qatar and Ethiopia have joined and Vietnam and Chile are scheduled to sign on during the summit this year.

More information about the summit can be found here (in English).