Medication prices to remain constant for the next two and a half years

A new agreement between Kommunernes Landsforening and the pharmaceutical industry will prevent prescription drugs getting more expensive

The price of prescription medication will remain unchanged until 15 December 2018 thanks to a new agreement between the municipalities organisation Kommunernes Landsforening (KL) and the pharmaceutical industry.

For the many Danes on medication, the agreement, which was made public on Monday, comes as very good news.

Peace and security
Metroxpress reports that many believe the measure is a step in the right direction and will lead to more peace of mind for Danes who regularly purchase pharmaceuticals.

Denmark’s municipalities also stand to benefit hugely.

“Overall, the agreement means peace of mind – both for Danes and for the economy,” said the health minister, Sophie Løhde.

Fine print 
In the past, price regulations were decided on the basis of changing salaries and inflation. This new agreement changes all those rules, as the price ceiling cannot be raised at all – unless, in rare cases, an exception is sought and granted by the Health Ministry.

“Together with other initiatives in the field of medicine, this agreement will help to ensure stability – although new drugs and increased consumption may well result in cost increases for the municipalities,” said Bent Hansen, the chairman of Danske Regioner.