Copenhagen is the Nordic cocaine capital

Danish capital ranked ninth in Europe by the European Drug Report

They will have to start calling Copenhagen ‘cocaine haven’, according to the freshly published European Drug Report 2016 (here in English).

Published by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), the report showed the results of tests of wastewater from over 50 European cities. In Copenhagen, the wastewater measured 337 milligrams of cocaine per 1,000 citizens per day. That’s over twice that of Oslo and over 30 times that of Helsinki.

“We can’t be proud of that,” said Karen Ellemann, the social and internal affairs minister. “We need to step in early in regards to children and young people starting to use drugs.”

“And we need to get better at treating drug addiction. When a young person seeks treatment, it’s also a cry for help.”

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Norwegian speed freaks
London topped the cocaine measurements in Europe with 909 milligrams per 1,000 people per day, followed by Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels and Antwerp. Barcelona, Geneva and St Gallen were followed by Copenhagen in ninth.

Copenhagen, however, lags a long way behind when it comes to other drugs, such as amphetamine (speed) and methamphetamine (meth).

Oslo leads the way in Scandinavia for amphetamine consumption and Helsinki and even Reykjavik are well ahead of Copenhagen. There is a similar trend with methamphetamine, where Oslo again is number one by a long way.

Copenhagen is top in Scandinavia when it comes to MDMA (ecstasy) consumption, although the figures from the Danish capital, Oslo and Helsinki are quite similar.