Switching on the beer nozzles at the industrial estate

David McQuilling
June 3rd, 2016

This article is more than 8 years old.

It was permanently beer o’clock at Danske Ølentusiaster

It’s hard to make drinking on an industrial estate look in any way respectable, but somehow Danske Ølentusiaster have managed it with the Copenhagen Beer Festival. Taking place from May 19-21 at Lokomotivværkstedet – a massive former railway shed in the south of Copenhagen – the beer festival attracted over 60 brewers and an untold number of guests keen to sample their wares.



The size of the venue thinned the numbers of those guests out somewhat and made the event look slightly less spectacular. However, they all gathered round to watch this group of men making very loud noises whilst pouring liquid nitrogen into a keg.

Rikke Hust, Danny Kennedy, Duncan McArthur

A little corner of Somerset set out its stall with The Cider House – headed by Somerset native Duncan McArthur (above centre) and his wife Rikke Høst (above left) – serving up all manner of premium ciders imported from his homeland accompanied by a substantial block of mature cheddar.


Hats off to the dedication at the Schiøtz stand. No surprise to learn they do a great IPA!


The Mayor, The Psycopath and The Nun

These three are known as The Mayor, The Psychopath and The Nun. And there were rumours of a seven-foot panda on the loose.



Who nicked my pint?





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