Out and About: Indonesia delivers one hell of a party

Copenhageners were invited to become more familiar with one of Asia’s most populous countries last weekend at the Indonesia Bazaar and Cultural Festival held at the country’s embassy.


On a day of non-stop fun and excitement, one event led to another, including live traditional music by music groups from Sweden and Germany, Balinese dancing performed by Ni Nyoman S Amandari from Aarhus (right), Indonesian martial arts performances, traditional wedding ceremonies and more.


Not only was it an audio-visual feast, the festival also offered various Indonesian delicacies to satisfy your tastebuds: fried rice nasi goreng, colorful kue tampahan mini cake … you name it!

This annual event aims to promote friendship between Denmark and Indonesia. Also, Indonesian people take the opportunity to express their love towards the homeland thousands of miles away. Ambassador Muhammad Ibnu Said (central left) along with his fellow countrymen passionately sang the song ‘Indonesia Pusaka’, a patriotic song celebrating the independence of Indonesia, after which they all shouted Merdeka! Merdeka (independent/free – although some passing French people did initially look alarmed)!


Also present (right) was Hans Toft, the mayor of Gentofte Municipality (centre right), South Korean ambassador Ma Young Sam (central left), and Jorge Teixeira de Sampayo (left), the deputy head of mission at the Portuguese Embassy.