Fences to be built to prevent refugees from crossing Øresund

In total, 58 people have attempted the journey this year

On Friday, three refugees attempted to cross into Sweden by walking along the railroad tracks on the Øresund Bridge. This latest attempt raises the total number up to 58 people who have attempted the journey in 2016.

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The authorities have now announced they will be putting up fences in a bid to address the issue, reports DR.

Safety issue
In March of this year, heat-sensitive cameras were installed along the bridge to alert police if and when someone attempted to cross by foot.

However, attempts by refugees to get into Sweden have continued and the situation has become dangerous.

“It is an extremely dangerous situation. We’re now working to put up fences in some areas,” Jens Genders, the head of digital communications at Øresundsbro Konsortiet, the company that owns and runs the bridge, told DR.

“We’re building both entirely new fences and raising the height of existing ones. It is one of the more obvious ways to limit their ability to get into the tunnel.”