New app to help answer expat questions

Navigate the social and cultural landscape in Denmark using getQueried

Navigating the Danish culture and social structure as an outsider can sometimes be a formidable challenge. But now, the new Danish app getQueried has arrived  to lend a helping hand.

From queries such as where is the best place to get a bicycle to where to get tickets for the upcoming football game or theatre show, the app allows expats to swiftly gather opinions from people in their vicinity.

“We launched getQueried to make it easy for everyone to voice their opinion about politics and relevant issues”, said Steven Højlund, the CEO of getQueried.

“We are basically making it fun and easy to answer quick questions, and thereby we can collect opinions faster. Many groups in Danish society – and in the world – do not have a voice in official statistics and opinion polls. Previously, the barrier used to be technical, but now everyone has a smartphone.”

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Free on iOS
The app is free and lightning fast. Users need only wait a maximum of one minute for an answer.

The platform also allows users to use photos to make queries more appealing visually, and the user can also limit questions to people in their local area and even choose the gender and age range of respondents.

The platform works on an iOS mobile app and on web (coming soon). Users can ask questions for free, but more advanced features such as advanced sampling, representative data and large samples are selected in a self-service model on a pay as you go or a subscription.