Danish/German education co-op to lift the border region

Initiative aims to promote growth and development in the region

A new project that steps up co-operation between education institutions on both sides of the Danish/German border aims to further growth and development in the region.

The move is expected to give young people in the region better career opportunities on both sides of the border, and it will also make it easier for companies in the area to attract the workers they require.

“There are great perspectives for growth and new jobs in the border region,” said Ulla Tørnæs, the education and research minister.

“But a lack of qualified labour can be a hindrance to the border area reaching its full potential. So I’m pleased that we are putting focus on how to improve the education scope on both sides of the border.”

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Flensborg connection
Tørnæs contended that the initiative will also help strengthen Denmark’s exports to Germany.

Yesterday, the Education and Research Ministry, in co-operation with the South Denmark Region and the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, hosted a regional education conference in Flensborg.

A total of about 80 representations from companies in the region, further education institutions, industry organisations and the public sector took part in the conference.