Trip to Jordan reveals opportunities for Danish companies

Danish values offer strong solutions to challenges facing refugee camps

Members of a delegation of Danish businesses and other organisations have said that Jordanian markets offer “great opportunities” for Denmark.

“It was a great visit to Jordan,” said Kim Skibsted, the head of pump manufacturer Grundfos. “It offered networks and insights to problems that need to be addressed.”

Skibsted said the next step was to work with public and private partners to develop solutions for working in Jordan.

Teamwork the key
Thirteen companies, two universities and the Foreign Ministry travelled across Jordan to research opportunities in the country along with ways to deliver solutions to refugee camps and host communities. The trip was organised by Dansk Industri (DI), the confederation of Danish industries.

The Danish companies examined solutions within areas such as water, energy, sanitation, logistics and housing that can create value in refugee camps and enhance commercial ties between Jordan and Denmark.

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Thomas Bustrup, that deputy head at DI, said that it would take co-operation from all parties to solve the challenges facing Jordan.

“It will require everyone working on solutions that respect the values of everyone involved,” he said.

“Danish culture, which is one of trust, can take the lead.”