Police charge asylum-seekers with attacking Red Cross workers at centre

Refugees “went crazy” when they heard they where being moved

North Zealand Police say that a Somali couple “went crazy” at a centre in Frederikssund when they were told they had to move to Bornholm.

The charge sheet says the couple, a 29-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman, attacked two male Red Cross workers. One of the workers was beaten and both had cobblestones thrown at them.

Did not want to move
Prosecutor Michael Qvist said the couple will be appear at a preliminary hearing in Hillerød tomorrow.

“They are charged with violence against officials performing their duties and for attempted aggravated assault,” Qvist told TV2.

The incident happened when the two Red Cross workers came to take the two asylum-seekers to Frederikssund station, from where they were meant to travel on to Bornholm.

“When it dawned on them what was going to happen, they attacked the one Red Cross employee and threw cobblestones at them both,” said Qvist. “Police were alerted and the two were arrested.”