Putting your feet on train seats is disgusting, says Danish commuter group

June 8th, 2016

This article is more than 8 years old.

“Dirty and unacceptable” say passengers posting pictures on Facebook

Passengers on S-trains are getting tired of seeing others putting their dirty shoes up on the seats. More and more riders are taking pictures of riders getting too comfortable and posting them on Facebook.

Posters on the public Facebook page ‘S-tog Pendelers’ are calling for everything from fines to a lifetime ban from public transportation for repeat offenders.

Thomas Christensen, a behavioural economist at The Nudging Company suggested that train operator DSB could recruit brave passengers who dare to speak out.

“The goal would be getting the first person to say something, because it’s much easier to be the second or third to rebuke someone,” Christensen told DR Nyheder.

Nobody’s perfect
Christensen suggested that one should choose their battles wisely.

“I probably have a lot of bad habits in public spaces,” he said.

“If people should start trying to correct all of my shortcomings, it would be a very long train ride.”


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