They had the X Factor, but do we give an XXXX?

Little Mix
Tue 14 June, 19:30; Falconer Salen; 360kr

X Factor Franken-group Little Mix have been on the music scene for close to five years now and have a lot to show for it: notably a M&M endorsement and a range of children’s clothing in Primark.

The girls were thrown together by Simon Cowell and co after each failed individually on his smash hit talent contest.

With the unit itself apparently being greater than the sum of its parts they went on to win 2011’s X Factor and establish their legacy as one of the few ex-X Factor winners people still pay attention to – by people we mean 12-year-old girls who will four years from now be burning their posters in a crack den furnace. (DM)


Teitur + Ásgeir
Fri 10 June, 22:00; Tivoli entry

Two of northern Europe’s finest singer-songwriters, Teitur (from the Faroes) and 2015 Nordic Music Prize winner Ásgeir (in from Iceland) will delight the masses at Tivoli with a double concert. Teitur will be playing his entire debut album Poetry & Airplanes from start to finish.


Bonnie Raitt 
Sat 11 June, 21:00; Amager Bio; Sold Out

American blues singer Bonnie Raitt will be back in Denmark on June 11. Raitt will be touring Europe to promote her 20th studio album, Dig in Deep, which was released last February. (GD)


Explosions in the Sky 
Wed 15 June, 20:00; Pumpehuset; 295kr

Explosions in the Sky are a ‘post-rock’ band from Texas. As rock is far from dead, they must be from the future. You might recognise their music from the Friday Night Lights movie and TV show. Expect lots of strobe and tin foil. (DM)