From Struggle to Success: Getting an investment, Part 3

Getting an investment is a long and frustrating process. In the previous two articles we discussed various types of investment and what entrepreneurs need to prepare in order to get some. Assuming that you figured that out and you have your pitch deck ready, now is the time to find out where to look for investors.

The good news is that you can meet investors both online and offline.

1 Events
There are many different events organised all over the globe every year where you can pitch your idea in front of investors and entrepreneurs. You should look for the events that match your industry.

2 Contests
Participating in a contest is a great way to expand your follower base and attract investors. Many universities and organisations hold competitions in which you can test your ideas and receive valuable feedback. A good example is the Venture Cup.

3 Internet
Websites like Angel List and Gust are great tools for finding investors. You can submit your idea and start searching for the right people to bring money or value to your business. Social media sites are another powerful channel where you can seek funding. There are hundreds of groups created to support entrepreneurs.

Or perhaps a mixture
You can achieve your goals faster if you use a mix of all the above mentioned channels. Submit your idea in a contest, pitch it at different events and list it on the web.

As I mentioned at the beginning, seeking investment is a long process and unfortunately you will receive a lot of rejections along the way. Every investor wants to bet on the winning idea. You need to convince them that your company will make them a good return.

Do not forget to look for the investors operating in your company’s area of expertise and never give up.