Out and About: The most welcome arrival from Aalborg since Camilla Dallerup

The Asian Culture Festival finally arrived in Copenhagen last weekend, three years after making its debut in Aalborg in 2013.



The two-day festival is a sensory delight, presenting numerous cultural activities such as traditional Indonesian dance, Mongolian music and Japanese origami.


Anders Schrøder (right in green nón lá) was one of the 50 volunteers who helped organise: “I love the relaxed spirit, especially right after the Distortion party. I am learning while having a good time. ”

Not only does the festival promote Asian cultures, it also contributes to “the Asian communities in Denmark getting to know each other”, enthused the festival manager Anders Schultz (left).


All the profits go to charity. For example, the earnings from the beer stall run by Nihonjinkai will be donated to the victims of the 2011 and 2016 Japanese earthquakes.