Aarhus AC/DC concert unsafe, say concert-goers

Long lines, bottlenecks and rude guests frustrate music lovers

Although many Danish AC/DC fans seemed to have warmed to the idea of the Axel Rose-led edition of the band, they are less than satisfied with the conditions they encountered at last night’s concert in Aarhus.

Concert-goers reported experiencing congestion, bottlenecks and hour-long queues, including at the entrance gate where fans were forced to squeeze through with little or no security. People who had paid for seats said that other fans simply stood directly in front of them and that there was no-one there to remove them.

Design problem
Concert promoter Live Nation Denmark head Jesper Christensen said that the congestion at the entrance to the stadium in Aarhus was due to the way it is designed.

Christensen regretted that people felt unsafe. “We take criticism very seriously and will certainly take it into our evaluation,” he said.