Alcohol-free beer more popular in Denmark

Coop sales have increased seven fold since 2013

With summer and sunshine having descended upon us, somewhat at least, a cold beer just seems to taste a little bit better.

More and more Danes are turning to the non-alcoholic version of the golden lady when doing so, according to the supermarket chain Coop.

“The Danish interest for beer with a low alcohol content is on the rise,” Lars Aarup, the head of analysis for Coop, told DR Nyheder.

“It used to be considered a little wimpy to drink light beer, but it’s becoming more accepted to enjoy the taste of beer without the heavy percentages. Today you can get alcohol-free beer from most of the hip microbreweries.”

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Drink driving dilemma
Between 2013 and 2015, Coop Danmark has experienced a seven-fold increase in alcohol-free beer sales and the trend seems no sign of fading.

A recent survey from the Council for Traffic Safety (CTS) revealed that six out of ten Danes believed that people driving should be served non-alcoholic beer.

“Many people have a tough time evaluating how much alcohol they’ve consumed during an evening,” said Michelle Laviolette, a senior project manager with CTS.

“Within the last year, every tenth driver has gotten behind the wheel despite not being sure what their blood alcohol level was.”