Noma still raking it in

June 14th, 2016

This article is more than 8 years old.

World-renowned restaurant scoring millions in profits

Noma continues to make big money for its owners (photo: paz.ca)

Noma has been called the world’s best restaurant countless times. But perhaps more importantly to its owners, it also continues to be a very profitable one.

Last year’s gross revenue was 23.4 million kroner – an increase of 2.6 million kroner on the year before.

Net profits were also up, from 729,544 to 2.5 million kroner.

Keeping profits in the business
The net gain could be attributable to Noma’s owners – master chef René Redzepi, Claus Meyer and the Dutch-American investor Marc Blazer – not taking a salary. In previous years, up to 3 million kroner had been taken out of the gross profits.

Following its success with its Australian experiment, Noma will return home with a new concept to new premises near Christiania, where the intention is to grow its own raw materials.


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