LGBT Danes want Danish Muslim organisations to condemn Orlando attack

Falah Saeed, founder of the organisation Sabaah, would like to see Danish Muslims come together to fight homophobia

LGBT Danes from minority backgrounds have called on Danish Muslim organisations for help in fighting homophobia in the wake of the terror attack in Orlando.

Falah Saeed, the founder of Sabaah, a Danish organisation for LGBT individuals who have minority backgrounds, was heartened to note the swift response from Muslim community leaders in Florida, and now he would like to see the same reaction from members of the Danish-Muslim community, reports DR.

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Stand together
Saeed, who hopes the tragic event will serve to create a dialogue about homosexuality and Islam in Denmark, wants members of the Muslim community in Denmark to send out a clearer signal about their stance on homophobia.

“I want a stronger response here from the Muslim community and Muslim organisations – and, as of yet, I lack a clear signal of how they relate to the event,” DR quoted him as saying.

“I need to know if we can stand together in the fight against homophobia in our own environment.”

As of yet, no Danish Muslim association has condemned the act.