Self-scanning passport stations introduced at Kastrup Airport

If you’re travelling outside the Schengen area, you’ll be expected to check yourself out of the country

Self-scanning passport stations were introduced at Kastrup Airport on Monday.

The stations are meant to be used by people travelling to destinations outside the Schengen Area, the Copenhagen Police said in a press release.

Keeping up with the times 
The Copenhagen Police announced the decision was intended to help keep the constantly expanding airport up to date with the latest advancements in airport technology.

“These stations are an excellent example of expanding capacity through technology – without compromising on border controls,” said Steen Pedersen, a police inspector.

Relatively easy to use 
The stations will allow passengers to scan their passports themselves and also perform a variety of functions – including checks on whether the passport is genuine or not.

The machines also come equipped with facial recognition software, which compares the passenger’s face to the picture in their passport. The process can take a period of between ten seconds and three minutes, reports Metroxpress.

“In our experience, when travellers have tried the system once or twice, they become comfortable with it,” said Pedersen.